Interactive Fantasy Product

Evaluation of Ideas

First Idea

It’ll called Phantom House, aliens steal humans from earth and place them in a house and the last person alive will have their memory erased and will be placed back in earth. The interactive narrative will come from the alien mainframe were the security cameras is what you this will be 3/5 in difficulty and requires skill in filming and editing.

Second Idea

The interior of a car front seat. The interactive part is were you click on certain items in the car and when you do a small part of the story is revealed. This of course requires skill in filming and editing, and I would consider this to be a 4/5 in difficulty.

Third Idea

An abandoned house (maybe a hut or cabin) its a crime scene, with body outlines and bloodstains and so on. it will be a narrated experience, it will be in first experience. and when you click on a part of the crime scene say you click a knife, the character when pull out a file and read from it. revealing the mystery. the difficultly will be 3/5



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