First 2 Weeks

My first 2 weeks of college were mixed with confusion and anxiety. However I have had a lot of fun, and I have made many new friends. Since the media part If the college Is being built still, our classrooms have constantly changed. Which has caused me to have 2 panic attacks in one day, and those panic attacks ensued after a 30 minute walk up and down the college trying to find my improvised classroom.

Despite this i have had a lot of fun, i have had fun in both maths and english and i have had even more fun in media. I’m sure as soon as the media rooms are done i will have a stress free time in college.

In media we have learnt about scripts, blogs and how to use cameras. which i thought I’d struggle with, but i have surprisingly have been okay with the work.


My First Reflection

Yesterday me and a group of 3 (including me) filmed our first scene. it was a mugging, i was the camera man; which i was quite happy with as i do struggle in front of the camera sometimes. I learned a lot and i was happy with the end result, for the most part anyway. it was my first time holding the camera so i was proud of the shots i had done. and my partners seemed happy with my work too.

But when we got to editing we noticed the audio was pushed to the left and therefore we need to film again, i don’t mind that but its a shame to have to throw away the shots. we should have checked the clips before turning them in. So i will make sure to do that next time.

And on top of that, we didn’t script anything, no lines or camera angles. which made us waste a lot of time debating on what we should do, so next time i will make sure a script is written and ready to go before we film. Even though improvising an entire scene made the experience more fun it also made it unnecessarily difficult.

Induction, Unit 1: Media Processes and Technical Skills, Unit 2: Design and Research Skills, Unit 3: Professional Practice, Unit 4: Critical and Contextual Awareness, Unit 5: Audio Production, Unit 6: Visual Production, Unit 7: Interactive Production, Unit 8: Creative Media Production Project


On the fist day of college was very worried and nervous because i didn’t have my music which calms me down. But i made the most of the day. We tried a program called WriterDuet. this program makes the creation of scripts less complicated.

It really made me want to start writing scripts again, i never knew how to do it properly. But now that i know how its done properly i can definitely start doing scripts again!