Interactive Fantasy Product


The ‘Phantom House’ is an idea I had, a group of people from earth are captured by Aliens and wake up in an asylum. (A mental hospital from 1800-1900’s) The aliens do this in order to observe human behavior in moments of panic and stress. Its essentially a hunger games ran by aliens, and the last man/woman standing will be sent home to Earth. With their memory erased.

So, the interactive side to this will consist of 6 security cameras, you click one of the cameras and you’ll see what is happening I that room.


‘Plain Sight’ is an idea I had in which, your character sits in the front seat of a car, the interactive part is when you click on an item in the car, a small part of a story is revealed. This is a story about a man trying to find out where his wife has disappeared to. He wakes up during the night (the night will set the mood) he then runs to his after realizing his wife is nowhere in the house. And see’s an assortment of clues.


‘Not so empty’ is an idea I had that slightly piggy backed off of the previous idea, however this time the mystery is based in an abandoned house, or a small hut. its a crime scene, the story will be narrated by the main character. You’re an investigator. And the reason this idea is similar is because of the interactive¬†part. Clicking on items will reveal the story.


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