Audio Drama

Audio Drama Reflection

Now, I’m not the happiest with my project. i usually have little bit of pride with my work but not with this one. The only thing I’m happy with is the script itself. If i ever write and record anything audio drama i will ask actually good actors to voice the characters. And I want to be a lot more prepared with items for sound effects. such as a chain for the murderer when he is moving around. Background footsteps and even background papers that rustle when the policemen are digging through files in a state of panic. Doors slamming shut, windows opening and so on and so on. I like the prospect of this idea, but i hate how i executed it. And i think just for some closure i will redo it one day.

Audio Drama

Radio Drama

At first i was going to record each for my audio drama separately and then add then together in post. But i realized that i could save mass amounts of times but doing each line all in one take and then simply making then closer together to better replicate a conversation between 3-4 people. I used Audacity which i personally believe to be the best way of recording and editing voices, i used ‘change pitch’ to  obviously change the pitch of voice in order to differentiate between characters. It didn’t take very long to change each voice, but it was tedious. The same feeling towards editing and making each voice closer or further apart from each other.

After i had changed the voices to my liking and placed them where i wanted them, i needed to add some kind of music, something dramatic, but nothing over the top. I didn’t need anything Lord of the Rings worthy. i just needed subtle ‘gossip’ music. I searched YouTube and sound-cloud for a long time trying to find the right music, with the right feeling. Eventually, i found something that wasn’t perfect, but it worked. i then needed to find somewhere to place it. I tried it from the start and that just didn’t seem organic. But i tried it from more or less the middle and it seemed to work. And the music was placed perfectly so when the cliffhanger is happening the music starts to die down, leaving a perfect metaphorical punch in the face!

Update: I went to put the finished product into the submission box and turn in my finished work. However, Moodle for some reason  wouldn’t let me save anything i turned in. In the end i uploaded the clip to a YouTube channel and sent that link to my tutor.

Audio Drama

Radio Drama Research

Radio Drama, like the name entails;  is a completely audit-able experience. And my idea that i want to make is a serial killer interview. And like in real audio dramas you can hear background noises such as; wind, voices, cars, animals and so on. The radio drama I’m making will have flashbacks to events that the serial killer details.

Words are the most important part of a radio drama, as words are the only way to portray the story and the atmosphere. For instance two characters completely silent shows awkwardness. And two characters that are being very chatty shows they’re getting along or even that they’ve known each other for a while. Words make a vast difference in the the scene. Especially, since there is no picture only audio.

Typically Audio dramas are features on radio, which is why i was addressing them as ‘Radio Dramas’. And the radio is something basically everyone has in the car or in the kitchen. A radio is a media practitioner. which is a term given to devices used worldwide and by everyone. which means audio drama get the most listeners they possibly can.





Audio Drama

Radio Drama Idea

I want to do a serial killer interview, as i love researching them. And in order for this idea to count as a radio drama, I have to add flashbacks. And as it is just audio it wont be very difficult, i have a studio quality microphone and what computer doesn’t have audacity these days? i just to start writing a script!