Cheyl Audience Project


Since my work is ‘horror’ based I though I’d research some of the classic horror films and drawings, I noticed the older the film the blander and simple it is, barely any colour, complicated design yet simple execution. It makes things very interesting. That is how old school horror tends to go.

The logo and poster went great I think; I am custom to horror so this went very well. But I have been told that I should have used some colour and that I should have spent more time on the poster.

The skills I have learnt from making the poster and logo would be; placement, images that work with others and what kind of fonts to use to fit the images too.

I feel that my strengths are I consider my research and I have a good eye for placement when it comes to logos and posters. However, I do struggle with Time management. I will combat this problem by making a routine or a list of what I need to have done for a day, maybe then deadlines wouldn’t fly by.

I used no colour to cater to the old horror fans. And I also used drawing from the famous manga artist Junji Ito who is famously the ‘God Father of Horror’. I did that to please the fans of manga as well.

I aimed it towards old horror fans, which is why I didn’t use any colour, old horror was black and white or red and black. So that’s what I did. That’s how I conversed with my audience. And I think they work great, and I feel like my target audience is blatantly shown.

My audiences response was that it was unique and it was almost like I was paying my respect to the old type horror. Evil dead, Dracula, The shining, Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

In Summary, I feel I did well with my products (Logo and Poster) and I feel I did a good job identifying my audience but with some more time (had I not wasted it) I could have done a whole lot more.





Cheyl Audience Project

Using Illustrator

I have played around with illustrator in the past and a few times in class. I have learnt a lot, one thing I have learnt quite quickly is that I’m terrible at Illustrator. I much prefer Photoshop. Even though they’re designed the same but they’re very different. which makes things extremely puzzling. Which I expected of course, which is why I dread using it.

Cheyl Audience Project

Advertising Myself



This is the finished poster, I wanted something that represented old school horror as well as a modern design. I used some drawings from my favourite manga artist Junji Ito. He I known in Japan as ‘The Father Of Horror’. And he was at his peak around the 80s and 90s. I used his art to represent a respect for the old school horror and a tribute to Junji Ito as he was a pioneer in the world of horror.



Cheyl Audience Project

Media Company Logo



This is another version that a teacher helped me with, as I didn’t know how to bend and manipulate images. I do believe it looks way better. A lot more creepy. I looks way better than the original final design. The font and logo seem so much more connected like this.


This is the final version of the logo, I wanted to have something creepy, but nothing over the top. Nothing too much. I’ve always had a fascination with spirals, so I wanted to have one in someway. So I made it the theme, the font, the logo and the name all have at least a mention of a spiral.


At first I wanted to spiral to be ‘shaky’ in a way, but I didn’t thing it would would. Now that doesn’t mean I didn’t think it looked good, I just felt it was too complicated to be a logo.

I used a website to find the right font, it was called and I used a font that was based off of the film Caroline. It was perfect for what I needed, twisted and creepily playful as well.


These are some spirals I have drawn completely from my head, same as the logo above, I was inspired by Junji Ito the Japanese manga artist. I wanted to use an eye as well. And so I created a design that incorporated both of them things.


Cheyl Audience Project



The Dead Island logo seems malicious and uses red the color most associated with blood and horror. The logo has rough edges and looks splattered like blood which also represents horror. And i personally feel that this logo could not have been made any better, the use of red, the idea of the whole logo made of blood was and is fantastic.


The clothing brand No Fear also makes energy drinks. This can has a skull and wings which represent death and horror. It is creating a scary image. As well as the brand itself adds more horror to it. ‘No Fear’ means not scared. Which shows a strong and intimidated look into life. which is a desirable mind state to many people.

maxresdefault (1)

This is the Resident Evil logo for the film and game franchise. It is classified as a horror theme and well known. The logo looks like an umbrella because in Resident Evils monsters were created by a virus called operation Umbrella. And this is actually the logo of the organisation who created the virus. This logo is iconic to both gamers and ‘movie-heads’


This a game for the PC, Xbox, PS and even the Nintendo Switch. the game blew up in popularity because of PewDiePie who is famous for being the most subscribed person on YouTube. He did a play through of it and the game is now known as the biggest horror game ever. The anonymous eyes in the background show its a horror. Its an absolutely infamous game and the eyes in the background is and always will be iconic.


A film based off of the famous novel authored by the ‘Father of Horror’ named Steven King. the black background and the word ‘IT’ written in red shows its a horror film. The book and first film were staples of the horror genre and still are. The film broke down barriers and pathed the way for future horror films and books. The new film (the remake) was and still is huge.


Now from what i know this isn’t connected to any kind of product, but it caught my eye, i really love the way it looks. It follows nearly every cliche but branches them out (pardon the pun) into a whole new approach. i really love the way this looks.