Unit 8: Creative Media Production Project

Assessing the value and effectiveness of my research

  • What methods of research have I used?

I have used primary and secondary research.

  • Why have I chosen these methods? (Primary and Secondary)

I used primary and secondary research simply because it is easier to layout and keep track of. I didn’t want my research to be messy.

  • What have I found out in my research?

I have found that spirals are in more than just art and maths. Spirals are present in everything.

  • How will it help me to create my creative media project?

The research helped me find out what I wanted to do and helped me fine tune my ideas. and helped me home in on one premise.

  • How will it help me to develop my ideas?

researching helps you delve deeper into a topic of interest. You can’t make a film about music without knowing anything about it can you?

  • Do you have any gaps in your research? How can it be improved?

I suppose you can never have too much research and knowledge when making a piece.

Unit 8: Creative Media Production Project

Primary and Secondary Research







That’s a survey I made to define my audience.

In this, I will research broadly. I will show the Fibonacci sequence, isolation, the affects of isolation, loneliness, age, hatred and neglect. There are so many things that I could do and make. I have countless ideas on what to make, I want to make something that says nothing yet showcases a rising mans ‘Ego’. Something lifting to those who connect, I want to showcase; self hate, abandonment, self obsession and obsessive love.

I am going make a mood board, as I want to use Spirals. Spirals are Find in everything in the world and even beyond. Galaxies, flowers, culture and even in math. The Fibonacci sequence is mathematical sequence that features spirals in its pattern.


In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers, commonly denoted Fn form a sequence, called the Fibonacci sequence, such that each number is the sum of the two preceding ones, starting from 0 and 1. That is,


for n > 1.

One has F2 = 1. In some books, and particularly in old ones, F0, the “0” is omitted, and the Fibonacci sequence starts with F1 = F2 = 1. The beginning of the sequence is thus:

And on top of being in math, the Spiral is everywhere in art, many artists use spirals in their work, like Robert Smithson’s 1970’s “Spiral Jetty” and of course Junji Ito in his most famous work Uzumaki. Junji Ito wrote a story about a town and in this town everything is made of spirals. From plants to smoke to water. The spirals aren’t completely visible to the locals until they leave the town and come back.


Junji Ito: https://myanimelist.net/manga/436/Uzumaki


Robert Smithson: https://www.diaart.org/visit/visit/robert-smithson-spiral-jetty

A band named Tool is famous for their use of the Fibonacci sequence in one song named ‘Lateralus’  in their lyrics


[1] black

[1] then
[2] white are
[3] all I see
[5] in my infancy
[8] red and yellow then came to be
[5] reaching out to me
[3] lets me see

[2] there is
[1] so
[1] much
[2] more and
[3] beckons me
[5] to look through to these
[8] infinite possibilities

[13] as below so above and beyond I imagine
[8] drawn outside the lines of reason
[5] push the envelope
[3] watch it bend




‘The Fibonacci sequence shares a relationship with Phi, the golden ratio. The golden ratio is used to describe spirals, which are mentioned several times in the lyrics:

“Swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be human”, “Spiral out, keep going” twice, and “Spiral out, keep going.” five times. Also, Keenan first begins singing 1 minute and 37 seconds into the song, which equates to 1.617 minutes (the golden ratio = approximately 1.618).

The time signatures of the chorus change from 9/8 to 8/8 to 7/8, symbolizing a spiral. In addition, the number 987 is part of the Fibonacci sequence.’


Secondary Research


But spirals are in nature too, Completely natural spirals form all the time since time began. From the weather to animals.


Helicoprion: Also known as “spiral saw,” this shark-like cartilaginous fish appeared in the late Carboniferous era. The only evidence of its existence was a curled-up coil of triangular teeth. Some scientists think that it was used to grind shells, while others believed it to be a weapon.

Two cyclones formed in tandem in November 2006

Two cyclones formed in tandem in November 2006 (age fotostock/Robert Harding)

Spirals are everywhere, culture, nature and even in math!

‘The Fibonacci sequence appears in nature because it represents structures and sequences that model physical reality.

We see it in the spiral patterns of certain flowers because it inherently models a form of spiral.  When the underlying mechanism that puts components together to form a spiral they naturally conform to that numeric sequence.

The other classic model of the Fibonacci sequence in nature is in idealized breeding: in fact, the sequence was first recognized (by Leonardo Fibonacci) for rabbits. When each generation along with all their prior ones have two offspring each, all at a fixed interval, they follow this pattern… mathematically!’



This is my mood board, things that will inspire my final project. There are so many things that I could do and make. I have countless ideas on what to make, I want to make something that says nothing yet showcases a rising mans ‘Ego’. Something lifting to those who connect, I want to showcase; self hate, abandonment, self obsession and obsessive love.

‘Some studies suggest that the impact of isolation and loneliness on health and mortality are of the same order of magnitude as such risk factors as high blood pressure, obesity, and smoking.



‘As we age, all our body systems gradually decline – including the brain. “Slips of the mind” are associated with getting older. People often experienced those same slight memory lapses in their 20s and yet did not give it a second thought.

Older individuals often become anxious about memory slips due to the link between impaired memory and Alzheimer’s disease. However, Alzheimer’s and other dementias are not a part of the normal aging process.’


71NVA+8rrHL._SX425_ 13710889-old-dirty-wallpaper

The brown paper is what the walls in the piece will start off looking like. And by the end they should look like the rotted paper to the right.

‘In a 2010 article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, gerontologist and evolutionary biologist Caleb Finch describes the average life spans in ancient Greek and Roman times as short at approximately of 20 to 35 years’


This project will not only showcase the feelings listed above, but also shows how we live past our natural capabilities. The earliest man  lived to 35 years of age if they were lucky. And due to medical advances and domestication we live to double that and a bit more if we stay healthy. I want to show mental illness, the body slowly falls apart with age. And I want to show this in a metaphorical sense.

‘Our bodies are full of spirals. A friend posted on the Ancestral Movement Facebook Group recently about “cosmomimicry” and her own increasingly strong life-changing experiences with a kind of Sufi whirling practice. She asked about movements embodying the “torus” structure, with a link to an article, and what this all might mean for physical practice. I didn’t particularly like the article (it was certainly well-meaning, but lost me once it started describing the centre of the human body as a “singularity”) but I felt the need to respond with a few bits of under-appreciated anatomy and physiology to back up my friend’s experiences.’

Spiral Anatomy

Now that I have done some research and I have some kind of idea of what I want to do. I need to look into stop motion, If I have any chance of creating this premise. I need to look into stop motion. And the best thing to look into for what I want is ‘The Quay Brothers’. They’re infamous for their use of stop motion and their movies.




This is one of their movies, ‘Street Of Crocodiles’ (1986). I had never heard about it until a tutor showed me it, after researching it I found out It was the inspiration for the song ‘Closer’ by Nine Inch Nails. This picture inspired the music video for that song. And it also inspired the music video from ‘Sober’ by Tool.

‘There’s also the fact that their style has been regularly mimicked. Though they worked on several music videos themselves (including as animators on Stephen R. Johnson’s 1986 video for Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’ and videos in their own right for Michael Penn, Sparklehorse and others), their names have been falsely attributed to other animated videos influenced by their style.

The Quay brothers, however, are unique, tapping into a sense of early 20th-century Europe that is a place of dusty nightmares, folkloric paraphernalia and crumbling institutes filled with the dispossessed.’


My piece will be an experimental film, it represents live, death and everything in-between.



I like experimental films because they focus purely on expression and getting a point across. whether the point is recognized or not. A good experimental film should tell you everything and yet tells you nothing a the same time.






This one named ‘Genesis’ is extremely profound. I really enjoyed this piece, I love everything from the lighting to the idea itself to the use of small fragile goldfish. This is an extremely beautiful film.

For sound affects I need a prickly sounding noise for when the set slowly ‘dies’ like how fire crackles and snaps when its burning. I need a vinyl noise (for the start music) again its almost a crackle. I can use audacity to make this sound as I have replicated this sound in the past. A vinyl sample and then play around with the equalizer until It sounds right. Done! And finally I need a sound affect for the whole piece as a whole, and instead of music or a voice over. I’ve decided on having a frequency play. I love using them because they set a special mood that can’t really be replicated with anything else.











Unit 8: Creative Media Production Project

Final Project Proposal

Level 2 FMP Unit 8 Project Proposal (2) (1)

I have completed a number of projects this year, and I lot of them I’d like to redo, all accept the advert. I really enjoyed the writing and filming of that project. But all the others I’d redo for an improvement on the camera angles and I’d redo others for better written and a better organized filming process. My editing skills have improved exponentially and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I’ve also learnt that time flies, so I will start writing and planning as soon as I can.  No more late projects. I didn’t know about the amount of extensive planning that goes into filming and writing but now that I do I can start to let loose with my ideas.

I want to make something expressive, my past projects have been described as ‘Dark and Weird’ so I will dip my toes into something slightly less tame, I’m not entirely sure what I want to make quite just yet but that’s the vibe and feel I want to explore more. And I am a writer at heart, I love writing stories and poems, poems are my favorite thing to write as they are short and expressive. So, maybe I could have one of my poems acted out? It’s not a terrible idea, nothing out of reach. But I am not sure yet whether that’s what I want to do yet. But an acted out poem is an option. As far as props go and locations I’m afraid I’m not sure what I need nor where I’d get that sort of thing from. A poem is based of imagery and thought, and so that’ll be curse for finding things to use. It has to be how it is in my head, so that’s a disadvantage. But it can also be a blessing as once I find the right things, just how it is in my head, then the whole project will fall in place and will make everything super easy to create. But the chances of that are extremely slim.

I will use the blog that I have been using since the start of college and this course, I have used it since the start and it does help when keeping things together, and I see no reason in stopping it now. The blog has every piece of work I have and it really does help.

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On the fist day of college was very worried and nervous because i didn’t have my music which calms me down. But i made the most of the day. We tried a program called WriterDuet. this program makes the creation of scripts less complicated.

It really made me want to start writing scripts again, i never knew how to do it properly. But now that i know how its done properly i can definitely start doing scripts again!