Title Sequence

Title Sequences

The TV show ‘American Gods’ has one of the most gorgeous opening sequences I’ve ever seen. Within the first couple of seconds I’m already fascinated and a little scared. The opening sequence has so much to show, it has so much symbolism and hidden meaning. The camera shots are more or less the same for the whole clip, but that’s what makes it so perfect. A slow close up that moves up and down, gently. Anything more and it wouldn’t work. The lighting and imagery is more than enough, the lighting is dim yet colourful. This is because of the use of small LED lights hidden between the statues. The music adds to the infinitely mysterious vibe.


Title Sequence

‘Calm and Panic’ Feedback

The was the first time I’d ever edited anything on Final cut pro, I’m used to adobe premier elements. That’s my favourite editing software. In this short movie I was behind the camera, and i was very pleased with how the shots turned out, but I’m not pleased with the final product. the editing more specifically, because in editing we used shots and didn’t cut them down to size. So they dragged on too long and made the over all project slow and boring. But now that I know what I’m doing I can really turn this around.

We used a total of around 8 shots, but we filmed maybe 12 shots; not including the mistakes. I edited the final product myself,  one of our group wasn’t in college the day we started editing. So I took responsibility, i had a vague idea of how to edit. I’m happy with how this one in particular turned out. I wanted it to look like security cameras caught a mugging. so i added a surveillance affect on the clips. But not all of them, we filmed one scene were the camera angle was in first person. from the point of view of the mugger. and when the mugging is taking place the camera switches between the muggers POV and the security cameras.