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Interactive Publication


The research I did, helped me with the layout and design. I noticed that in a lot of sites they have background images and some even have a specific mascot. Research is the base foundation of a site, research shows you how to manage and how create a site.

I used my research to create the layout of the site. As well as the mascots, I noticed that the websites I seen didn’t have a lot of blank space. Everything was covered. So I tried to do the same, without the page seem cluttered and messy.

The planning process really helped, if I didn’t do the planning I would have gone in blind and wouldn’t really know how a website should look or how its managed. i used some features and I ditched some as well. I kept the 2 boxes with 4 images in them. But I changed everything else in the end version. The colors, the images, and the layout as well. I found the placement of images difficult, what images would fit the best and where I should place them was a case of trial and error.

One of the sites I had researched was called ‘RyuAnime’. The site has been shut down and remade countless times, as it would give anime out to the public for free. It was taken down by anime companies such as ‘Funimation’ due to copyright. Its original layout was very unique and I loves how it was set out. It was a black background and has an anime girl in the corner of the screen that would wave at you when you opened the site. Which is why on the far top right I have an anime character waving at you. The original design was lost as it was taken down so many times. But the one feature for the site they have kept since the start and even now, 10 or 15 new sites later was a grid of anime.


I made my own adaptation of the grid with my site, I made two grids next each other that had dubbed anime (audio in English) and subbed anime (English subtitles). Now, for the sake of research I should link the site, but the site destroyed my PC, will viruses and all kinds of malware. And on top of that the chances of the new site lasting more than a week without getting taken down once more is 99.9% but I have put the original name of the site. There is another site that will help me better explain what Ryuanime was like and I still use this site today as it is way safer than RyuAnime and is safer towards copyright its called


Just like RyuAnime, this site has anime characters in the background, and really popular ones at that. The one to the left is named Hitagi Senjougahara. She is a fan favorite from the Bakemonogatari series. This series is a well known and well loves series, its a great way to get people to use this site. The one to the right is Named Silica and she is from Sword Art Online. She is once again a well known and well loved character from one the most popular anime of recent years.

I used a popular character in my site, He is the boy in the middle with the blue flamed sword, his name is Rin Okumura. He is from the Blue Exorcist. I, just like my researched sites, used him as he is an extremely popular character from a very well loves series. Which will make fans of this series use my site.




Interactive Fantasy Product

Interactive Narratives Research

Interactive storytelling is a type of digital entertainment in which the story line is not already determined. The author creates the setting, characters, and situation which the narrative must address, but the reader experiences an unique story based on their interactions with the story world.1

‘Interactive videos’ are everywhere on the internet, especially on YouTube. here are some examples:

This is a YouTube interactive video, the video’s ending and what happens between is completely dependent on your choices.


This interactive narrative is an advertisement in the form of a comic book, you click and hold to watch the comic book move and the characters talk and at the end of the comic a man says ‘what are you waiting for? secure you home now!’


This is a interactive narrative website, used to advertise home and business security,


There is an interactive narrative game called ‘Gone Home’. But its not like call of duty or Grand Theft Auto. The game play itself is actually quite minimalist, the whole game is about a teenage girl coming back to her old childhood home, however when she gets there everyone is gone. And the game is finding out why the family left and how they developed as people whilst the girl was gone, by picking up objects in different rooms and a small part of the story is revealed relating to the object.

the boat

This is an interactive story, you scroll down with your mouse and the story continues. The story uses audio and movements (such as sudden jolts in pictures) depending on how fast you scroll. The story is called ‘The Boat’ and was written by the author Namle.

Interactive media is interesting because its universal, it works for many things; advertising, stories, YouTube videos and even games!

Reflective Writing

I quite like interactive narratives, I think they’re a great way of showing a story in all angles. And in many ways it can make you listen or read a story with more engagement.  It adds more enjoyment to a story, you get more submerged into the story. It really makes you feel like you are apart of the game, or even a spectator looking into the window of someone else’s life like in ‘Gone Home’.

But the first published interactive storytelling software that was widely recognized as the “real thing” was Façade, created by Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern.


Façade is an artificial-intelligence-based approach created by Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern. It was the winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 2006 Slamdance Independent Games Festival and is recognized as the first true interactive storytelling software. It is text based and uses natural language processing and other artificial intelligence routines to direct the action.


When I made my product i wanted to make something simple, since I’d never had the chance to play with anything interactive; aside from games of course. And so, I used PowerPoint and used the hyperlink to connect each slide and made a game based on choice.


Now, I don’t know why I never put in any background at all, this is screaming for one, I can hardly feel connected without images. But I have learned from this, images are important in this kind of product. My research shows that the images are everything and are half the recipe.


Hyperlinks are another thing I had never heard about, and what mean by that is, I didn’t know a person could use them to connect slides together in PowerPoint. But this definitely did the job how I wanted it to be done. I used this because I wanted to play around with this new found wonder and also because I felt this would work the best with what I wanted.

Interactive Fantasy Product

Augmented Reality Research


There are many examples of Augmented Reality, in retail especially. Some make-up companies have made it so you can take a picture of yourself and virtually apply make-up to yourself to see if you like it. HEINZ-BLIPPAR.jpg

Or if you’re shopping you can use Augmented Reality to see what you can cook with different products such as ketchup. And from there you can download recipes and even a video of someone doing a tutorial on that very recipe. and this is very smart way of selling products.

reality label

And how you tell if you can use Augmented Reality on a certain product is by looking at the label of the product, and if it has a symbol saying ‘Interactive bottle’ you can use it!

When I made my own augmented reality, we used a website/app called HP Reveal.  The app was released on apple and android in 2011. I and I tried ‘try for free’. after that, I had to choose I main image and a video to attach to the zed image. i chose a poster of the new predator movie, and i attached a predator movie trailer. But the video had to be below 2 minutes, and the couldn’t be too complex. Now to put the trailer onto the photo, i had to download the trailer and to do that i used a website called i would put the trailers URL into the website and you could then download it directly to your hard drive; you can change the quality and even the video format MP4, MOV, AVI and many more.

And now you need to add them all together, to make an ‘aura’ you need to click ‘Create New Aura’ and then you press ‘Click To Upload Trigger Image’ once you have filled out the description and chosen what image and video you press ‘save’ and you’re done.