Cheyl Audience Project

Creative Media Logo Production

Today, you will need to research into your theme. Please find at least 6 different logos that represent the same theme you have chosen for your media production company.

Make copies of the logos on your blog and talk about their design. Comment on the shape, use of colours and style of lettering. What are your opinions on the logos? Do you think they are suitable for theme? Do they represent the theme well?


Cheyl Audience Project

Making A Media Company

I will be focusing on the horror genre, and for my research i am using ‘HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR’ aka Hammer Film Productions. Hammer Film Productions was created in 1934 in London, England, by William Hinds. And is best known for their horror movies in the 1950s 60s and 70s including Dracula (1958) and Frankenstein (1957). And in there prime years they had worldwide success and dominated the horror genre.


Logo’s over time:

Hammer_B&W 1934 – 1950, this one is a classic, however i hate the design, too boring, no excitement what so ever. It may have been acceptably in the 30’s and 50’s but it is supremely out dated and well surpassed.

Hammer_logo 2007 – 2011, Now this is a great improvement but again still isn’t the best. for instance i don’t think the big ‘h’ should be there. Either have the ‘HAMMER FILMS’ or the ‘H’ not both. They over power each other. And for a horror company, its not very scary is it?



HammerLOGO 2012 – Present

This is the Hammer Film Production logo. This is the most recent logo. As logos can change and develop over time, its just part of how the company grows. This one is much, much, much better. Its bold, its powerful and its in your face. The use of red is a beautiful touch. The old type font is great. And yes it can still use some improvement. Again its not the scariest thing in the world.  But the company always has room and time for improvement.

Cheyl Audience Project

Target Audience | Unique Selling Points

A target audience is a certain group of people that an advertisement is intended for. And in order to find you must, as a company, be able to do the following;

*Have an idea of what your target audience are.

*Develop your products (and ideas) as much as possible.

*Find and focus on your competition.

*Focus in the right direction so your ideas aren’t messy.

Every company has a Unique selling point, Gucci for its distinct design and Air-walk for their comfort. this is there unique selling point, something to be desired completely unique to that company. Is the sole reason why you should buy a product instead of another. And its what makes Nike different from A.D.I.D.A.S.

If you don’t have a set target then your product will be messy and unorganized, and it wont attract anyone if there isn’t a goal person.

Cheyl Audience Project

Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research is research. It is used to gain an understanding of opinions, and motivations. Researches in media use things such as surveys to find out peoples opinions on television shows ect. This tells them; what to change about the series, whether to make more episodes and even how it should be advertised.

Cloud The three ways of collecting qualitative data:

*Focus groups

*individual interviews



Cheyl Audience Project


Semiotics is the study of signs and what they imply, for instance; a man is driving on a road. and see’s this sign.


This sign is incredibly vague. However, what it implies is that there are deer near by and the road may have deer running across it. And this ‘implying’ method is used in many ways in media, marketing more specifically.


Now as you can see, on this sign it has a picture and writing, why? Because an image is universal. everyone can recognize an image. but not everyone can understand language. and further more, not everyone will have time to read a sign in time, before something happens that the sign was meant to prevent.


This sign clearly shows that 40mph is the limit at what ever road this sign is present at. Its not complicated, just the number. You cant really read a paragraph of writing whilst driving can you?