Unit 8: Creative Media Production Project

Assessing the value and effectiveness of my research

  • What methods of research have I used?

I have used primary and secondary research.

  • Why have I chosen these methods? (Primary and Secondary)

I used primary and secondary research simply because it is easier to layout and keep track of. I didn’t want my research to be messy.

  • What have I found out in my research?

I have found that spirals are in more than just art and maths. Spirals are present in everything.

  • How will it help me to create my creative media project?

The research helped me find out what I wanted to do and helped me fine tune my ideas. and helped me home in on one premise.

  • How will it help me to develop my ideas?

researching helps you delve deeper into a topic of interest. You can’t make a film about music without knowing anything about it can you?

  • Do you have any gaps in your research? How can it be improved?

I suppose you can never have too much research and knowledge when making a piece.

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