Unit 8: Creative Media Production Project

Final Project Proposal

Level 2 FMP Unit 8 Project Proposal (2) (1)

I have completed a number of projects this year, and I lot of them I’d like to redo, all accept the advert. I really enjoyed the writing and filming of that project. But all the others I’d redo for an improvement on the camera angles and I’d redo others for better written and a better organized filming process. My editing skills have improved exponentially and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I’ve also learnt that time flies, so I will start writing and planning as soon as I can.  No more late projects. I didn’t know about the amount of extensive planning that goes into filming and writing but now that I do I can start to let loose with my ideas.

I want to make something expressive, my past projects have been described as ‘Dark and Weird’ so I will dip my toes into something slightly less tame, I’m not entirely sure what I want to make quite just yet but that’s the vibe and feel I want to explore more. And I am a writer at heart, I love writing stories and poems, poems are my favorite thing to write as they are short and expressive. So, maybe I could have one of my poems acted out? It’s not a terrible idea, nothing out of reach. But I am not sure yet whether that’s what I want to do yet. But an acted out poem is an option. As far as props go and locations I’m afraid I’m not sure what I need nor where I’d get that sort of thing from. A poem is based of imagery and thought, and so that’ll be curse for finding things to use. It has to be how it is in my head, so that’s a disadvantage. But it can also be a blessing as once I find the right things, just how it is in my head, then the whole project will fall in place and will make everything super easy to create. But the chances of that are extremely slim.

I will use the blog that I have been using since the start of college and this course, I have used it since the start and it does help when keeping things together, and I see no reason in stopping it now. The blog has every piece of work I have and it really does help.

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