Cheyl Audience Project


Since my work is ‘horror’ based I though I’d research some of the classic horror films and drawings, I noticed the older the film the blander and simple it is, barely any colour, complicated design yet simple execution. It makes things very interesting. That is how old school horror tends to go.

The logo and poster went great I think; I am custom to horror so this went very well. But I have been told that I should have used some colour and that I should have spent more time on the poster.

The skills I have learnt from making the poster and logo would be; placement, images that work with others and what kind of fonts to use to fit the images too.

I feel that my strengths are I consider my research and I have a good eye for placement when it comes to logos and posters. However, I do struggle with Time management. I will combat this problem by making a routine or a list of what I need to have done for a day, maybe then deadlines wouldn’t fly by.

I used no colour to cater to the old horror fans. And I also used drawing from the famous manga artist Junji Ito who is famously the ‘God Father of Horror’. I did that to please the fans of manga as well.

I aimed it towards old horror fans, which is why I didn’t use any colour, old horror was black and white or red and black. So that’s what I did. That’s how I conversed with my audience. And I think they work great, and I feel like my target audience is blatantly shown.

My audiences response was that it was unique and it was almost like I was paying my respect to the old type horror. Evil dead, Dracula, The shining, Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

In Summary, I feel I did well with my products (Logo and Poster) and I feel I did a good job identifying my audience but with some more time (had I not wasted it) I could have done a whole lot more.





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