Interactive Fantasy Product

Evaluation (Presentation)


The research gave me a base in which to build my ideas around, interactive narratives I had an interest in, more so than the others. I think that’s because it’s the one I’m most familiar with.

I researched games like ‘The walking dead’ and ‘Until Dawn’ as they have interactive features in the game and also because I know games. Researching deeper into the interactive side can be and was useful.

The research is what I’m good at, finding products and analyzing products and so on. Research is what I’m good at.

However, I could have expanded a little bit more with ideas, like being more adventurous with my ideas. And spending a lot more time on the ideas and developing them as well.

I am way better at research now, in the past when I’d research I’d scratch the surface of information and believe it was enough. But now I understand that you can never research too much.

My strengths I’d say is; Research and Writing. But i do struggle to give attention to detail. Reading over work again after completion. Adding more detail and rethinking original idea is something I need to do way more often.

With planning I focused on props, locations, characters, lines and I planned the interactive side to the product, I think quite well, with four different endings and 6 choices to make.

But If I didn’t procrastinate so much, the project would have been dramatically better, and I stupidly limited myself in terms of ideas and time. If I wasn’t so lazy my product would have been better, way better.

In summary, I am happy with my idea but I don’t like how I made it, I will strive to be more hard working and less of a procrastinator.  My ideas are good, and I know I have potential to make good things, I am angry at myself for wasting an idea. But I think I did good on the interactive side of things.


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