Cheyl Audience Project

Media Company Logo



This is another version that a teacher helped me with, as I didn’t know how to bend and manipulate images. I do believe it looks way better. A lot more creepy. I looks way better than the original final design. The font and logo seem so much more connected like this.


This is the final version of the logo, I wanted to have something creepy, but nothing over the top. Nothing too much. I’ve always had a fascination with spirals, so I wanted to have one in someway. So I made it the theme, the font, the logo and the name all have at least a mention of a spiral.


At first I wanted to spiral to be ‘shaky’ in a way, but I didn’t thing it would would. Now that doesn’t mean I didn’t think it looked good, I just felt it was too complicated to be a logo.

I used a website to find the right font, it was called and I used a font that was based off of the film Caroline. It was perfect for what I needed, twisted and creepily playful as well.


These are some spirals I have drawn completely from my head, same as the logo above, I was inspired by Junji Ito the Japanese manga artist. I wanted to use an eye as well. And so I created a design that incorporated both of them things.


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