Interactive Fantasy Product

Product Planning & Reflection

I have planned what the plot will be and what props to use, the characters, locations, costumes and what part of the project will be interactive. The camera angles and how long each scene will show, the interactive items and sights will have a flashback memory’s attached.

Knowing that I haven’t got a blockbuster kind of budget means I need to compromise with items and locations. For example I can’t rent out a penthouse for one scene, or rent a car that would fit a detectives salary. And so I need to make do with what I have. Using my Fathers car for the car scene and my normal house for the house scene. As well as that I don’t have any actors or actress’ at my disposal, so I have to make do with what I have. But its nothing I can’t work around.

Most of the items I need will be easy to get and I’m sure everything I want to do is completely do-able. Although an old school tape recorder will be a challenge to get hold of. Especially one that works perfectly.

I decided to separate the main story and the interactive side of it. Yes they intertwine but they don’t completely merge. I only wanted a few interactive times, maybe 3-4 would be I’ll need. They will be flashbacks, memories. They first one will be a tape recorder, it will have the main character Vera’s husband telling her where to find the next three clues. She finds this tape recorder outside an abandoned building. Her husband (in the tape recorder) tells her to question the police themselves about past cases.



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