Interactive Fantasy Product

Contextual Awareness Worksheet

My target audience will be teenagers and young adult men, as it is a fantasy project. these are typical fans of fantasy media. I want bold fonts, vibrant colours associated with fantasy such as blue, green, red and purple. As fantasy games such as league of legends, world at Warcraft and guild war are primary PC and to lesser degree console as well. The resolution will be a standard 1280 x 720 so even people with mediocre PC’s can play it. screen size 4.7  and the controls will be dependent one what platform. keyboard to controller. In terms of ethics, i don’t think anything offensive will show up in the story/product as it wouldn’t be necessary. As it is a crime based story; drugs may be referenced. but it is fantasy as well. laws in another world would be different.

I have taken a large amount of these factors from other fantasy media products, 591269a55bafe3c03725a352fantasy-animal-paintings-that-show-the-real-magic-in-the-world-5ada11a833dcd__880

everything is over the top, unrealistic (hence the name) and colourful. Nothing is off bounds; no restraints. aside from ethical restraints of course. like racial hate and cultural hate as well. However, racial hate is sometimes infused in the story, and as long as its carefully commercialized it would be okay. Like if its just racial hate without any kind of merit then its not okay. But if there’s something to learn from, then that makes it okay commercially.

I chose PC as the main platform purely to ensure no limits in graphically potential, consoles struggle on some games at maximum graphics. Hence why console versions don’t (typically) have settings such as FOV (field of view) and you cant change the resolution on consoles. They run more or less on default. But on PC you can customize anything and everything to your liking. Which i think suits a fantasy fan, to change something to whatever they want to. Just like in the game itself. Consoles restrict you.

When it comes to the legal side of things i would like to use copyrighted music, even if making my own music would save time, i believe using other peoples songs a great way of marketing. If i use a Led Zeppelin song for a battle in the trailer or even in the actual product, it would interest the fans of led zeppelin. causing them to at least check out the product.


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