Audio Drama

Radio Drama Research

Radio Drama, like the name entails;  is a completely audit-able experience. And my idea that i want to make is a serial killer interview. And like in real audio dramas you can hear background noises such as; wind, voices, cars, animals and so on. The radio drama I’m making will have flashbacks to events that the serial killer details.

Words are the most important part of a radio drama, as words are the only way to portray the story and the atmosphere. For instance two characters completely silent shows awkwardness. And two characters that are being very chatty shows they’re getting along or even that they’ve known each other for a while. Words make a vast difference in the the scene. Especially, since there is no picture only audio.

Typically Audio dramas are features on radio, which is why i was addressing them as ‘Radio Dramas’. And the radio is something basically everyone has in the car or in the kitchen. A radio is a media practitioner. which is a term given to devices used worldwide and by everyone. which means audio drama get the most listeners they possibly can.





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