Title Sequence

Reflective Writing

Location Recce Checklist (4) 

As a large amount of the choices do not appeal to me, i a said no to those i don’t apply and yes to those that do. I am filming at home, so I don’t permission. I am filming with my dad so no directions are needed. And so on.

Risk assessment form blank template (2)  

The filming will take place in my room, so the only risk is tripping over things on the floor. The room will be dark too, so there’s that. but there isn’t an outstanding amount

Shooting Schedule (2)

The actual scene is one shot, and will only be around a minute. camera angles and scene will take at most a full day.

Shot List (1)

The reason i wanted to have the scene in first person of the man watching the movie, is to make the audience feel like they’re the man.  That they’re stuck watching credits, i wanted it to add a creepy undertone. i wanted it to seem unsettling.


I didn’t any dialog in my title sequence. I thought it would add to the atmosphere if no one speaks. it makes the scene unfamiliar and makes you comfortable. So the script just details the scene. The atmosphere, and tone.



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