Title Sequence

My Idea’s For A Title Sequences

I want to have a first person view of a man watching the television. The television will be playing the credits of the movie and when the credits are finished the television will go to static. the person watching the movie will be sitting in a single couch.sancho-leather-single-seaterdownload gettyimages-730273727-1024x1024

like this one. He will have an old ashtray with a half burned cigarette. the television will be an old box television with static and a grainy picture. The television will be old and dusty. Stains and bad picture. I want not music in the background but like a monotone sound, almost like a vibration. And as the scene plays out it slowing gets louder. And at the end of the clip the doorbell of the house goes off stopping the noise and the man in the chair gets up. I want the television to play (before the static) I want the title sequence to be playing, when all the names have past the static will start.


Due to complications, the original filming idea didn’t work out, however i was told to improvise and so I did. The final product is a still picture with gifs i found on google. i edited the picture a little bit in Photoshop; adding a faint trace of smoke in the air. i didn’t want a lot of smoke as it would have ruined the mood i was trying to portray. i didn’t want to put it on too heavy. After that i found a gif of smoke moving in a gentle motion which was perfect for what i needed. since the smoke still image of smoke was already added via Photoshop, all i had to do was add the gif of smoke in via adobe premier elements 14 (my favourite editing software). and now that the smoke was out of the way and done.

I had to add a television, And for that i simply found a transparent photo of an old school television and on YouTube i downloaded a credit screen of a random film and cropped it down placed it behind the television in once again adobe premier elements. After i had finished that scene, i saved it as an mp4 file and recreated the whole scene once more for the planned transition. i slightly tilted the scene to a side to show an edge, and to make a blatant indication that things have changed. i found a video on YouTube of a moving static, i downloaded it and once again put it behind the transparent television.



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