Title Sequence

Title Sequence Research

The shows Dexter and American Horror Story are both part of the horror/thriller genre. However, their title sequences couldn’t be more different. American horror Story is very upfront about its horror, from the first second its dark and creepy. Dexter is subliminal with its horror, there are hidden meanings and hidden horror all over the title sequence.

American horror story has many characters and doesn’t focus on one of them. There is a new character every episode. However, Dexter is based on one character called Dexter, and you follow his life and thoughts through the series.

When i was watching the title sequence to American Horror Story i seen a character that looked like a man named Grady Stiles who was a freak show performer. In the early 30’s (and probably even further back than that) there was a special type of circus called the ‘Freak show’ where people with bodily malfunctions would be given nicknames and showcased to the paying public. Grady Stiles had a condition were his fingers were joined together. And that made his hands looked like lobster claws. It was a genetic condition called ectrodactyly. And so he was nicknamed ”. This means that characters in American Horror Story are based off of real people or at least inspired by real people.freak showjk gradystilesasateenager

But Dexter is based off of Dexter and nothing else. Nothing in Dexter is factually, apart from the serial killer traits that Dexter displays. His behavior and habits are very similar to other serial killers which is why they’re grouped together. Their pasts may be different and their personality may be different also. But their ‘traits’ and habits are very similar.

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I think i will follow the same direction as Dexter, one narrative is easier to create and makes the end product less messy. I personally would classify American Horror Story as ‘Shock Horror’ because of its elaborate make up and monsters.

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