Cheyl Audience Project

Making A Media Company

I will be focusing on the horror genre, and for my research i am using ‘HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR’ aka Hammer Film Productions. Hammer Film Productions was created in 1934 in London, England, by William Hinds. And is best known for their horror movies in the 1950s 60s and 70s including Dracula (1958) and Frankenstein (1957). And in there prime years they had worldwide success and dominated the horror genre.


Logo’s over time:

Hammer_B&W 1934 – 1950, this one is a classic, however i hate the design, too boring, no excitement what so ever. It may have been acceptably in the 30’s and 50’s but it is supremely out dated and well surpassed.

Hammer_logo 2007 – 2011, Now this is a great improvement but again still isn’t the best. for instance i don’t think the big ‘h’ should be there. Either have the ‘HAMMER FILMS’ or the ‘H’ not both. They over power each other. And for a horror company, its not very scary is it?



HammerLOGO 2012 – Present

This is the Hammer Film Production logo. This is the most recent logo. As logos can change and develop over time, its just part of how the company grows. This one is much, much, much better. Its bold, its powerful and its in your face. The use of red is a beautiful touch. The old type font is great. And yes it can still use some improvement. Again its not the scariest thing in the world.  But the company always has room and time for improvement.

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