Cheyl Audience Project

Target Audience | Unique Selling Points

A target audience is a certain group of people that an advertisement is intended for. And in order to find you must, as a company, be able to do the following;

*Have an idea of what your target audience are.

*Develop your products (and ideas) as much as possible.

*Find and focus on your competition.

*Focus in the right direction so your ideas aren’t messy.

Every company has a Unique selling point, Gucci for its distinct design and Air-walk for their comfort. this is there unique selling point, something to be desired completely unique to that company. Is the sole reason why you should buy a product instead of another. And its what makes Nike different from A.D.I.D.A.S.

If you don’t have a set target then your product will be messy and unorganized, and it wont attract anyone if there isn’t a goal person.

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