Title Sequence

‘How to Mug’ Feedback


At the time we were filming this, me and the other two guys had only known each other for around a week, we barely knew each other and so communication was limited. But we did what we could, as non of us had ever had any experience with camera work or editing (in this form) we did what we could.

the camera work wasn’t the problem, the editing was what i was dreading. Now usually i love editing but id never used final cut pro before. I watch it now and have a hundred things I’d change. I’d have added more sound effects, I would have redone many shots, including when the victim walks around with his wallet in hand. That was a very stupid idea, why would he just have his wallet out?

the sound affects are terribly placed, the sirens are completely out of place; police wouldn’t get there that quickly. And i don’t know why we didn’t reshoot that scene. But I was happy with the camera work over all.

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