Cheyl Audience Project

Communication Methods

Communication Methods


The most effective way of communication, would be chatting software’s like skype and discord. The reason for this is simple; discord, skype, chat roulette and omegle is that they all mix with other forms of communication. Skype and discord are perfect mixes for gaming; discord was originally made for gaming. Xbox and PlayStation.  Omegle and chat roulette is typically mixed with YouTube which is famous for having anything for anyone.  Discord and skype are also apps so it is on all devices. It’s a universal way of communication.

A picture of a group chat on discord, a friend showing a show called ‘Rick and Morty’ to another friend. And when recommending him the show he sends him a link to YouTube to watch some clips. This blatantly shows all forms of communication are connected in one way or another.


But programs like Skype, Discord and Chat roulette are something called a Media Carrier which means it shows entertainment for an audience. A media carrier can also fall under DvD’s Games and even board games. Because these products produce entertainment to an audience.

All media is created with an audience in mind, this could be adults, teens or even children. And film companies and websites, blogs even YouTube videos need their audience to progress as creators. Feedback is more valuable then you’d think.


Movie companies for example us the box office to see how good the film did in sales, and with that information they decide whether a sequel is worth investing in. Or whether the film was a ‘flop’.


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