Interactive Fantasy Product

Augmented Reality Research


There are many examples of Augmented Reality, in retail especially. Some make-up companies have made it so you can take a picture of yourself and virtually apply make-up to yourself to see if you like it. HEINZ-BLIPPAR.jpg

Or if you’re shopping you can use Augmented Reality to see what you can cook with different products such as ketchup. And from there you can download recipes and even a video of someone doing a tutorial on that very recipe. and this is very smart way of selling products.

reality label

And how you tell if you can use Augmented Reality on a certain product is by looking at the label of the product, and if it has a symbol saying ‘Interactive bottle’ you can use it!

When I made my own augmented reality, we used a website/app called HP Reveal.  The app was released on apple and android in 2011. I and I tried ‘try for free’. after that, I had to choose I main image and a video to attach to the zed image. i chose a poster of the new predator movie, and i attached a predator movie trailer. But the video had to be below 2 minutes, and the couldn’t be too complex. Now to put the trailer onto the photo, i had to download the trailer and to do that i used a website called i would put the trailers URL into the website and you could then download it directly to your hard drive; you can change the quality and even the video format MP4, MOV, AVI and many more.

And now you need to add them all together, to make an ‘aura’ you need to click ‘Create New Aura’ and then you press ‘Click To Upload Trigger Image’ once you have filled out the description and chosen what image and video you press ‘save’ and you’re done.

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