Cheyl Audience Project

Quantitative Research


Quantitative, the collection of data (views and types of audiences) from an audience. This is necessary because it helps the media know what their audience like. And then that’ll give the media in question the chance to change and still keep their audience. This media could be anything from programs, trailers and adverts. In the case of a movie,  the box office is the source of data. the box office numbers are looked at to determent if its worth investing in a sequel.  If not then the movie is considered a ‘flop’ and forgotten about.

Another form of this is when you set up an account on itunes, they give you a list of genres to pick from, then they will advertise artists in those genres you picked. This will help you discover new artists, and this will help itunes keep tabs on what everyone is listening to. And help them decide what kind of music they should invest in.


Qualitative Research


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